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In Britain today a quarter of children are either over weight or obese. It’s estimated this number will rise to 60% by 2050 and without intervention 80% of these will remain over weight as adults.

This can put them at risk of many various medical problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnoea. Obesity can also adversely affect their self-esteem.

In 2011 FightingFit Personal Training set up the first kids’ fitness program in Sutton Coldfield. Personal Trainer Jason Smith will get your child or children healthy and fit.

With every fitness package each we will talk to you and your child about a healthy balanced diet and also suggest the correct diet plan for your child. A bespoke fitness and healthy eating program is then written for your child to follow at home, in the garden or local park.

We have special packages for single sessions or group of sessions with one or more child taking part in the sessions. Please ask regarding availability. All sessions are fun, motivational, educational and effective. Designed to promote a lifestyle change but in a fun way!

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With the “Act of parliament for the protection of children act 1999” Jason Smith has been cleared to work with children by the Criminal Records Bureau.

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