It is important to understand what our body needs and what impact it will have, this is also determined by our lifestyle, activity levels and our age.

We offer a one hour nutritional consultation during which we will look at how many calories your body needs (based on your current weight and activity levels) to maintain, gain or lose weight safely, how much carbohydrate, fat and protein is correct to consume and in what percentage, look at your body fat, lean muscle as well as how much water you should drink each day to keep you healthy depending on your activity levels.

With so much talk about BMI, blood pressure, heart disease, stress and diabetes it is important you know how to look after yourself and reduce the risks to your health by improving your fitness and general well-being.

In your assessment we will also look at your fitness starting point and build a personal program to improve your body composition, posture, muscle strength and muscle endurance which will quickly improve your overall mind and body fitness.