“Jason is the most knowledgeable physical trainer I know. Whether its karate, personal training or one of the many exercise classes Jason teaches, he has superb sports awareness for people of all fitnesses and ages.
My daughter and I have been fortunate to know Jason for over 6 years during which time we have progressed from little knowledge in martial arts to become black belts in Shukokai karate. During this time Jason has always been motivational and positive. No matter what the challenge Jason always seems to get you to go the extra mile and is always encouraging!
Jason has that rare ability to communicate with adults and children alike making exercise an enjoyable experience, which is so important in maintaining fitness (for me) and enthusing (my daughter) children to take up sport and exercise.
I am grateful to have known Jason both as a trainer and an exceptional person.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jason for whatever pursuit you wish to follow.”

Kevin and Amy Stringer