“After putting on weight due to changes in my job, I decided to see a Personal Trainer to lose weight & tone up.On my first meeting with Jason, we devised my lifestyle, diet, goals and he tailored a program to help me realise them. He also provided me with a a diet plan and gave me helpful advice on foods I shouldn’t and should eat. Each training session with Jason was different and he used a variety of training methods to help me build up lean muscle and lose fat. The best sessions I have with Jason involve using the TRX which I haven’t seen any other trainer use. The TRX worked pretty much every muscle I have and I feel tired but amazing after my sessions. Since I have been training with Jason, I have lost 4kg in weight, 7cms from my waist and 6% in body fat. I have also gained 1.5kgs in lean muscle. Now I’ve lost the weight, Jason is now helping me to “sculpt” my figure to allow me to define the muscles I’ve started to build up.”

Natalie Murphy