“I’ve been going to the gym for about eight years, attending classes and doing what I thought I should be doing. It kept my weight down but I didn’t see any real results. I always looked forward to the feeling I got when I was walking out of the place; knowing that my workout was over for a few days! Since having personal training with Jason I have toned up a lot more and kept my weight more constant. I feel much better about myself and more confident in the type of clothes I can wear. He’s very easy to get on with and a good laugh during the session, spurring me on. He’s taught me more about food and the different types of training required for certain results. I now look forward to going to the gym and attending his Personal Training sessions. Despite the fact that he’s a Blues fan, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jason as a Personal Trainer. He’s so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about health and fitness and every session is new and different to the last. Thanks Jas”!! 

Polly Fildes